Sometimes we sit around and pity ourselves without thinking of other people and what difficulties they are facing. When i look at this picture it reminds me of how we take for granted what the Lord has given us and keep on wishing to be other people


Looking at this picture of a physically challenged boy who is making very nice paintings using his legs and making capital out of it reminds me of the many things we are to be grateful of.
It is very difficult to be physically challenged and be able to make you life easy and by easy i mean train your self to work and operate in the same level with people who are not disabled.
Many a times we forget that God has given us life to live, our various body parts to help make our life easier and swift but we are too lazy to even appreciate what we have. We got hands to work with, go to the firm , start small businesses or do something different instead you will find a good number us sitting around waiting for others to give us jobs.
We should step up and try our level best to do something different it doesn’t matter how small the business is but lets learn to be always business minded. Appreciate what we have and make us of it.


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