“Share a Coke” – is personalized marketing going too far?

Boyana Staneva //

Coca Cola’s “Share a coke” campaign has been going for the last couple of years and this summer it is back stronger than ever. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about the share a coke campaign is people’s names on the bottles. That’ all it is… but they have turned it into so much more.

Marketing and advertising has gone a long way since the once popular format of the 30 second TV add. Now people are bombarded with a lot more images, a lot more adverts every day   that along with the massive popularity of online marketing, viral marketing etc. means that audience participation is something crucial for marketers if they want to attain the consumers’ attention. And in terms of audience participation I think Coca Cola are doing quite well.

Since the start of the campaign they have been adding more and more…

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